Pub Cité is a quebec based global communication enterprise, located in the south shore of Montreal, in operation for over fifteen years. Pub Cité has succeeded in well establishing itself in a highly competitive market due to it’s strategic acquisitions in modern technology, an innovative approach to print material and an all-in-one solution for it’s clients. As a succesful family based business, PubCité has turned challenges into growth by constantly developing and offering new products and services to it’s clients.

Pub Cite focuses on offering the highest quality product, by listening and understanding the needs of the client, and working together as a team to come up with the best solution. Being a global communication leader means offering a wide gamut of services and products, from print to inventory management, interactive marketing and design, and direct mailing campaigns. Equipped with sheetfed presses, web presses, a high end digital HP press, a multitude of finishing equipment, a print on demand centre and it’s dedication to consistently investing in the newest technology, Pub Cite stands out amongst its competitiors as the solution to your needs, your global communication leader !


Our mission is to advise and accompany our clients in the fufilment of their global communication needs, and to reach their goals, all while offering a quality product with an eye on reducing their environmental impact.


Our vision is to stand out as an established quebec company, constantly investing and innovating, to confirm growth and financial security while offering the best quality product to our clients.


Our success comes from our beliefs in responsibility, communication, loyalty, respect, and our dedication to maintaining and developing relationships based on confidence with our clients, distributors and employees.


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